The complete Holter ECG system with the optimal workflow – Fast, precise and easy to use – To an added value for patient and physician Diagnosis and report printed or available in the network in less than 4 minutes Fast import of the recording in less than 60 seconds under simultaneous visual check of the ECG Optimal workflow due to the customizable task bar

Flexible, individual workflow

The AMEDTEC ECGpro Holter system is the intelligent tool in a physician‘s hands for clarifying cardiac arrhythmia and risks. Depending on the task, the system‘s workflow is either adapted to the requirements of the analysis, or to the individual procedures of the operator. Visually checked in 60 seconds; printed in just 4 minutes The ECG can be checked already during it is read in. This takes less than 60 seconds for the 24-hour ECG. In case of an ECG free of artifacts, a report with a manually or automatically generated conclusion can already be created at this time. The important ECG strips, graphs and tables are logically put together in the report and comply with highest standards. In less than 4 minutes, the 24-hour ECG is analysed, diagnosed, and printed or stored in the HIS/practice network!

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