The 12-Lead Resting ECG with the optimal workflow – Fast, precise and easy to use To an added value for patient and physician Wireless ECG transmission via Bluetooth, Automatic recording of resting and rhythm ECG ECG interpretation by the Hannover ECG Program HES®

ECG Quality Indicator

The bar chart shows the quality of each electrodes application in green-to-red color gradients. Simultaneously you can observe the ECG. In case of a faulty ECG, you can immediately identify the deficient electrodes with the help of the graphic. In addition, you can also use the traditional impedance measure-ment.

Averaged Beat

AMEDTEC ECGpro displays the averaged beat of up to all 12 leads and marks the wave points. To correct those points, just move them to the right position by using the mouse. The new measurement values are taken over into the report by a single click. Since the original wave points remain saved as well, the changes can be returned to the original state anytime.The superposition mode, the vector loop, and amplitude and time measurement tools complete the variety of presentational and diagnostic means.

Automatic ECG Interpretation

AMEDTEC ECGpro uses the Hannover ECG Program HES®. This analysis program took part in all CSE tests (Common Standard of Electrocardiography) and has been validated by independent test centers. The Hannover ECG Program HES® automatically measures the ECG and creates a diagnosis pro-posal.

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